Zimbra SkillZ: Rocket Chat Zimlet Lift Off!

Hello Zimbra Partner, Customers & Friends,

You requested a Rocket Chat Zimlet, and here it is! Released as open-source and community maintained, and works in Zimbra 8.8.15 and Zimbra 9.

Do you already use Rocket Chat? Now you can connect with your team in Rocket Chat right from Zimbra email! If you don’t already use a chat solution, stay tuned for exciting news from Zimbra in the upcoming weeks.

Here’s a quick demo …

A fully integrated/supported Zimbra chat based on Zulip will be available soon!

Separate Tenants

The Rocket Chat Zimlet does not separate tenants from Zimbra, so all users on your Zimbra server that have access to the Rocket Chat Zimlet will have an account on Rocket Chat and will be able to see and chat with each other. Accounts on Rocket Chat are created if/when the user logs into Zimbra. To remove a user from Rocket Chat, remove them on Rocket Chat and de-activate them in Zimbra or disable the Rocket Chat Zimlet for the user you want to remove from Rocket Chat.

Scaling Rocket Chat

You can have multiple instances of Rocket Chat. For more information: https://docs.rocket.chat/installation/manual-installation/multiple-instances-to-improve-performance

More Information on Rocket Chat

Here are two helpful links if you want more information on Rocket Chat:

Installation guides

Here are two helpful links if you want more information on setting up Rocket Chat on your Zimbra server:

We hope you enjoy the Rocket Chat Zimlet. Do you have other Zimlet requests? Please leave them in the comments.

Barry & Your Zimbra Team

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