Zimbra Roadmap and VMware Integration Webinar Plus Q&A

By | May 25, 2010
As you may have noticed, we have just posted the recording of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6-to-7 and VMware Overview webinar. This was hugely popular -- hundreds of customers, partners and community members attended -- because it covered three critical areas of Zimbra's future: What's in ZCS 6.0 (powerful new admin features, Enterprise support and usability improvements) as well as near-term additions (such as support for Android, BES 5.0, BES Express, and Outlook 2010). The roadmap of ZCS 7.0 and beyond: a fascinating discussion of calendar wizards, powerful distribution lists, workspaces, and IM changes.… Read more »

New Gallery Launches for Sharing Zimbra Extensions

By | May 4, 2010
With over 55 million commercial Zimbra mailboxes deployed worldwide, and millions more on open source, there are many users reaping the benefits of our next-generation collaboration experience. Many factors contributed to our rapid adoption -- such as integrated conversation views, tagging, sharing, powerful search, and mobility -- but one of the most important is the ability to customize and extend Zimbra. To promote extensibility, the Zimbra platform exposes powerful Theme, Data and Zimlet APIs. With these APIs, you can customize everything from branding and interface stylesto integrating external applications & servicesto implementing new features. And with a vibrant Community continually using these technologies to enhance Zimbra, the customization you are looking for might already be available. To that end, we have been busy at work leveraging new resources from our friends at VMware and are pleased to announce the new Zimbra Gallery as the destination for sharing Zimbra product extensions. The new Gallery includes improved navigation and search capabilities so it is easier than ever to find extensions for Zimbra.… Read more »

Using Templates to Simplify HTML and Zimlets

By | March 9, 2010
If you have ever written a Zimlet that includes HTML markup directly in JavaScript, you know that escaping and formatting the HTML can be a cumbersome and error prone process. There is an easier way: Templates. Templates allow you to separate HTML markup from JavaScript code. This enables you to leverage HTML in your Zimlets without the formatting hassles. The Problem A common technique for using HTML markup within JavaScript is to use an Array() and append HTML markup data as array entries. Once you have all of the HTML markup in the Array(), you perform an Array.join() to create a single String that represents the HTML markup.… Read more »

Adding Tab Applications to the Zimbra Web Client

By | January 20, 2010
New with Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0 is the ability to create Zimlets that show-up as tab applications in the Zimbra Web Client.  This powerful new feature, unique to the Zimbra platform, enables partners & customers to more easily integrate third-party applications with the Zimbra Web Client. And there are already new Zimlets taking advantage of this feature, like the Social Zimlet or the BroadSoft Zimlet. Let’s take a look at how to implement some of the basic operations of this new feature…But first, some background: the Zimbra Web Client displays multiple default applications across the top of the interface as "tabs". These applications include (based on your deployment configuration):… Read more »

Using the Zimlet Development Directory for Iterative Development

By | January 14, 2010
When developing a Zimlet, you are constantly making code changes and then packaging and deploying the Zimlet to be able to test those changes. This is the Zimlet development process and is done over & over again until your Zimlet is "ready" for production. An iterative development process like this that involves packaging and deploying with each code change can be quite time consuming and really impact your developer productivity. That’s where the Zimlet Development Directory comes in. By using the Zimlet Development Directory, you can develop your Zimlets without having to package and deploy the Zimlet with each code change. You can make your code changes directly in the Zimlet files and just refresh your browser to see the changes take affect. This will greatly reduce your development time and overall, make it much easier to build Zimlets.… Read more »

New Zimlet Development Documentation Available!

By | January 7, 2010
This is one people have asked about a lot. Starting with Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0, we will be providing a formal Zimlet Developer’s Guide and API Reference. The goal of this documentation is to make it easier for partners and customers to build Zimlets and to integrate with the Zimbra platform. As we’ve built this documentation, here are some of our guiding principles: Easy to find. Make the documentation online and "wiki-based" for easy access. Reduce "wondering" between versions.… Read more »