Announcing The General Availability of Zimbra 8

By | September 13, 2012
It’s my pleasure to announce that today Zimbra 8 is now available to the public! With the release of Zimbra 8, VMware takes another step forward in providing users and IT organizations with a new way to collaborate in a post-PC world. Based on feedback from our customers, the goals of Zimbra 8 were to invest in unified communications, to deliver on the simplicity of the private and public cloud and to continue to make the user experience easier to access while on the go.  Zimbra 8 was a community effort and the VMware team thanks all of our customers and partners for their input and help over the last 2 years of planning and execution. New to Zimbra 8.0, VMware has partnered with Cisco and Mitel to offer unified communications capabilities embedded within Zimbra. These deep integration capabilities allow users to connect their voice and message systems in a unified inbox, enabling Click2Call, voicemail, presence, and chat all from within the Zimbra Web app. Zimbra 8.… Read more »


Reduce Your Email TCO

By | September 4, 2012
Last Wednesday we held an analyst webinar on how to find the right email system for your organization. During the webinar, Michael Osterman of Osterman Research performed an in-depth analysis on Zimbra and other email providers such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Novell. During the hour-long session, Osterman walked through the key considerations to think about when selecting an email provider, such as TCO, deployment, user experience, and IT management. Although there were many great points brought up during the webinar, one in particular stuck with me throughout the Labor day weekend, how the wrong email system can dramatically increase the total cost of ownership. The Osterman team’s research showed how for a 500-user organization there is a 163 percent difference in TCO between the least and the most expensive email platforms. To dive further, this difference is increased to 325 percent when looking at a 20,000-user organization. This huge cost savings can be realized just by selecting the right email provider. And with Zimbra having one of the lowest TCO’s for organizations of all sizes - including cloud services - a switch to Zimbra could save you 3X while delivering all the benefits of a next generation email system.… Read more »

VMware Zimbra Enterprise Messaging Embraces NetApp NFS

By | March 4, 2011
Today’s messaging and collaboration systems must be highly reliable: end users need access to email and calendaring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Designing a reliable messaging and collaboration environment entails choosing the proper storage, server and operating system. Many of us employ storage area networks (SANs) to provide that storage reliability, but SANs require specialized expertise to manage. Today, VMware Zimbra is releasing a new whitepaper detailing our testing of Zimbra with support for NetApp Network File-based Storage (NFS) and VMware vSphere, a significant competitive advantage over other email and collaboration systems. Zimbra 7 takes a new, innovative approach towards messaging and collaboration. File-based storage gives customers additional flexibility, scalability and cost savings when designing and deploying a messaging system. Listed below are just some of the benefits of using file-based storage for your enterprise email deployments:… Read more »

Share More, Send Less with Zimbra 7

By | February 7, 2011
At VMware we are singularly focused on helping our customers transform their IT environments into a cloud that can deliver IT as a Service.  A lot has changed in the IT market over the last few years with the proliferation of tablets, iOS devices, browser based applications and pay as you go services.  VMware is committed to providing IT organizations the tools needed to deliver IAAS, PAAS and SAAS services to their users. As part of this commitment, VMware increased its investment in Zimbra during 2010 in order to accelerate the release of Zimbra 7 – the newest version of our collaboration platform.  Zimbra provides users with a collaboration cloud for accessing personal and shared information wherever you are while providing IT the controls to back up and secure the information. The first thing you might notice about this announcement is that we are releasing all three of our core products – VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server (formally Zimbra Collaboration Suite), along with beta versions of VMware Zimbra Collaboration Appliance (ZCA) and VMware Zimbra Desktop (ZD).  Going forward, we are committed to releasing future offerings of VMware Zimbra concurrently as a single platform. We believe that this commitment to a single platform provides huge benefits to both VMware Zimbra end-users and administrators.… Read more »

Zimbra Appliance Now Includes Embedded vFabric Hyperic Performance Monitoring Technology

By | November 17, 2010
As part of our continuing effort to simplify IT for administrators and end users, we have integrated VMware’s vFabric Hyperic application performance monitoring technology with Zimbra Appliance. Now offered as part of Zimbra Appliance and requiring no additional set up, Hyperic gives Zimbra administrators the ability to more rapidly pinpoint, correct, and prevent application performance problems wherever they occur in the application infrastructure. As a result, administrators have up-to-the-minute insight into a comprehensive set of performance metrics related to availability, throughput and utilization that enables them to alert team members on a wide range of issues and to rapidly determine root cause. Additional benefits for VMware vSphere customers who are running Zimbra Appliance include: Rapid diagnosis of performance problems Advanced alerting Automated problem resolution We will keep you posted as we continue in our mission to provide out-of-the box next generation collaboration solutions that simplify IT. For more information on Zimbra Appliance and vFabric Hyperic, follow these links: http://www.… Read more »