The Power Zimlets Series: Five New Tools For Zimbra Users – #1 Attach Emails

By | July 20, 2009
As a long-time Zimbra developer and employee, I've spent countless hours each week using Zimbra email.  I love the overall experience, especially because I have been able to tailor it to my personal style using Zimlets.  They are easy to create and over time I have built quite a few.  So without further ado, the following is the first of a 5 post series featuring new Zimlets which I think are incredibly useful and empower Zimbra users. Zimlet 1: Attach Emails Every so often I miss the ability to easily to attach an earlier email while composing an new email message.  This Zimlet does just that, it adds an "Attach Email" tab in the Attachments dialog in Mail Compose. Once you click on the Email tab you can search for emails that you want to attach or just scroll the list.… Read more »

Inbox Innovation: Zimbra Adds New Gadgets and Gallery

By | June 5, 2009
Zimbra’s open source roots have always been of great importance to both the company and the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS).  When we set out to build a new collaboration system over five years ago, we wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the market, and a big part of that was our commitment to being open source.  We understood sharing ideas within the open source community keeps you a one step ahead of competitors by iterating faster to give users what they want.  A great example demonstrating how the community has flourished is the Zimlet development program. Zimlets are simple but powerful extensions of ZCS that connect users’ email, calendar, and contacts with any number of outside services (for a couple of recent examples see Alfresco and Peru and TripIt).  Zimlet development growth in the community has been strong and steady, and we are excited to continue supporting the community’s work by providing a place where developers can feature the best of their integrations to share with other Zimbra users.   So, today we are launching an updated Zimlet Gallery where you can pick and choose from many handy new ZCS extensions. At the same time, we also love seeing our Yahoo!… Read more »

An Open Way to Organize Your Travel Plans Using Zimbra Email and Calendar with TripIt

By | June 2, 2009
At Zimbra we’re always trying to provide our community with the most efficient tools for organizing email, address books, calendars and web documents, so it’s only natural that we look to work with other with companies who are as enthusiastic about streamlined processes as we are, and share the same commitment to open standards. One of the latest things you can now do with Zimbra is integrate with TripIt – an innovative service that organizes and shares your travel itinerary. With TripIt, users simply email their booked travel plans to TripIt, and the service will create a master travel itinerary plan. Users may then access or share this itinerary online, via their mobile device, or from their personal calendar. This is where we step in. Because Zimbra is an open platform, users of TripIt can instantly access flight times, hotel arrivals, and much more from the convenience of their own Zimbra calendar automatically.  The integration is especially useful in business settings, as Zimbra’s shareable schedule options and synched group calendars allow employees to view their own work-related travel itinerary alongside their co-workers’ in a shared Zimbra calendar. This way, all are kept in the loop regarding everyone’s travel whereabouts at work.… Read more »

ZCS-to-ZCS Migrations

By | September 30, 2008
Someone in the forums recently asked about ways to migrate individual accounts from one ZCS instance to another, so thought I'd share the enlightenment with all. Whether you are going from an on-premise install to a hosting provider, want to create handy archives of old employee accounts, or just need to duplicate mailbox contents of a user; the syntax in this article proves remarkably useful, and applies to all editions. There are a multitude of comparable RFE's on addressing this need via different approaches. (Bugzilla entries 19630, 29573, 28443 & 30163 to name a few.) Some want graphical tools to browse data and selectively migrate certain things, while others would be happy with a cross LDAP zmmailboxmove. Depending on your situation, several backup tools can take care of a large portion of your daily needs; and there are ways to do Zimbra-to-Zimbra migrations using the Network Edition's backup and restore capabilities - however they require admin abilities on both systems.… Read more »

Mulberry: The Underdog Wins

By | June 3, 2008
iCalendar (the standard .ics not the Apple program) only gets you so far. We've previously covered CalDav in Apple's iCal for Mac, but where does the CalDav field stand for Windows and Linux users? It's important to push communication between different programs, platforms, and technologies. We've just completed a free-busy interop that we'll blog more about that later, but you can checkout the forum announcement.   This week, Jong L. and John H.… Read more »

CalDav & Leopard Goodness

By | March 17, 2008
For those of us who live and breath by our calendar, making sure that you always have access to it, is a must. Enter the CalDAV Protocol: A standardized way for different clients to access one calendar. Leopard's (OS 10.5) iCal application has built in CalDav support, and it works great with Zimbra 5.0. Here's a quick overview. (more…… Read more »