Suman Raj

Drag and Drop Zimlet: Uses HTML5 to help you easily attach files to your emails

By | September 17, 2010
How often do you spend extra time searching for the document that you want to attach to an email, or even worse you forget to attach the document before you hit send? The Drag and Drop Zimlet saves you time and makes it really easy. All you do is drag the files that you want to upload directly from the desktop to the Mail composer and drop them into your email. It’s that simple! Back in 2007 Zimbra released the first version of a Firefox 2.0 extension and an accompanying Zimlet to make the mundane task of uploading effortless. We just couldn't stop there, and contemplated multiple ways to bring this great feature to many clients. Browser Plus was considered, but deep down many of us were really more excited about HTML5's upcoming possibilities - especially its advantage of not requiring the user to install more add-ons.… Read more »