Raja Rao

Contacts Organizer Zimlet: 5 ways to organize your contacts

By | July 27, 2009
Power Zimlet #3 If you have 100s or even 1000s of contacts and perhaps also using multiple address books and want to organize them, this one is for you. With lot of contacts also comes organization or maintenance, syncing and other issues.  For example, say you want to move all your company's contacts into one address book so you can share company's address book to someone,  or,  say file all of them by "(Company) First Name Last Name" format so its easy to sort them and differentiate them,  you will immediately see there is no easy way to do that. And that's where this Zimlet come in. Its  a very powerful and flexible Zimlet and provides 5 different ways (& several combination) to help organize your contacts. It also organizes across multiple Address books (simply use ctrl -key or Shift-key to select multiple folders). 1.… Read more »

Ignore (unimportant) conversations

By | July 24, 2009
Power Zimlet #2 Every now and then we get messages from co-workers and others that we are not interested in. It gets annoying especially when  it becomes a huge back-and-forth thread of conversation.  And we fall into this gray-area where we don't necessarily want to manually filter them or, we don't want to see such conversations either. So we end-up constantly deleting them as and when they arrive. For example: I am a front-end engineer and I belong to a broad-distribution list called 'engineering'.  And although I usually read messages from this distribution list, at times I see message-threads regarding server-side  engineering or something else that I don't necessarily care about. So ideally, we should be able to click-a-button to unsubscribe or ignore a 'specific' conversation but continue to get other messages as usual.… Read more »

The Power Zimlets Series: Five New Tools For Zimbra Users – #1 Attach Emails

By | July 20, 2009
As a long-time Zimbra developer and employee, I've spent countless hours each week using Zimbra email.  I love the overall experience, especially because I have been able to tailor it to my personal style using Zimlets.  They are easy to create and over time I have built quite a few.  So without further ado, the following is the first of a 5 post series featuring new Zimlets which I think are incredibly useful and empower Zimbra users. Zimlet 1: Attach Emails Every so often I miss the ability to easily to attach an earlier email while composing an new email message.  This Zimlet does just that, it adds an "Attach Email" tab in the Attachments dialog in Mail Compose. Once you click on the Email tab you can search for emails that you want to attach or just scroll the list.… Read more »

Browser War – Part 3: Safari 3.1.1 & Nightlies

By | June 17, 2008
Firefox 2 took on FF3RC1, Internet Explorer 7 took on IE8b, so who's duking it out in round 3? Safari 3.1.1 vs SF nightlies. Some might be thinking it seems like a shorter gap in browser versions - why not Safari 3.0 through 3.0.4, or even 3.… Read more »