Raja Rao

Use the Sticky Notes Zimlet to make quick notes about an email

By | July 14, 2010
Lot of times you need to make a quick note about something in an email or a little reminder for yourself like "I need to confirm those dates" or "add John's phone number” or "attach the PPT" etc.  But there is no easy way to capture that thought instantly.  Sticky Notes Zimlet helps solve that problem by allowing you to attach a note to a particular email. The Sticky Notes Zimlet is really easy to use…all you do is make a quick note and attach it to your email. Once you attach your Sticky Note, it will automatically pop up the next time you re-open your email. How to create your own Sticky Notes: Simply select an email and click on the "StickyNotes" toolbar button or drag and drop your email onto the Zimlet to add your notes. StickyNotes in Contacts (v1.… Read more »

Appointment Summary Zimlet – Know what your Calendar looks like for the day

By | July 7, 2010
Every day, when you first login, this Zimlet scans your calendar and sends out a summary email about the current day’s events. This Zimlet helps both frequent and lite calendaring users in different ways: 1. For power-users, this is like having a personal assistant; who summarizes appointments for the day, providing a concrete idea as to how many meetings you have. 2. For general-users, the Zimlet helps in reminding you that there is a meeting to prepare for (in case you've forgotten) To make it easier to read, the appointments are sorted and divided along two simple categories:  Those that need your immediate attention (e.… Read more »

Email Templates Zimlet – Allows users to quickly insert any earlier emails as templates

By | July 1, 2010
Email templates are extremely useful for Sales, Support and SE or any one who constantly sends out the same email on a regular basis. This Zimlet allows users to quickly insert any earlier emails as templates to New, Reply, Forwarded emails & also to Calendar-invites. Setting up Templates Step 1: Create Templates: This Zimlet uses existing emails(nothing special) as templates.  Also, it brings the power of html editor for you to use & design.… Read more »

Easily schedule, start or join WebEx meetings with the WebEx Zimlet!

By | June 15, 2010
Have you ever found yourself scrambling to find a WebEx meeting invite minutes before the meeting is set to begin? Or if you are scheduling a meeting, you are constantly switching between WebEx and your calendar to create the meeting & calendar invite? Well, those days are gone with the new WebEx Zimlet. The WebEx Zimlet now brings the power of WebEx right into your Zimbra calendar. To see the WebEx Zimlet in action, checkout this video. Or to experience first hand, download the WebEx Zimlet at the Zimbra Gallery at http://gallery.… Read more »

Yahoo! Emoticons in Zimbra Mail

By | August 5, 2009
For the last post in the Power Zimlet Series (Attach Email, Ignore Conversations, Contact Organizer, Task Reminders), we are ending on a lighter note. Zimlet 5: Emoticons in Email Who doesn't love emoticons? They are core part of life online and I admit am a huge fan of them. Historically Zimbra has always supported emoticons - but only in IM.   For ZCS 6.0 (coming very soon) we have made some enhancements to the Zimlet platform (including the ability to create new 'application tabs') that enable us to now support emoticons in email compose as well. When you write an email you can simply enter your standard text emoticon [example:… Read more »

A Zimlet for Highly Effective People: Task Reminders

By | July 29, 2009
In the last 3 posts in the Power Zimlet series we covered tools for improving email and contacts: contact organizer, ignoring conversations and attaching emails to messages.  Today we are turning to a new application in ZCS that many, including myself, find incredibly useful - Tasks. Zimbra Collaboration Suite has had the Tasks application for some time now, but as of yet it doesn't support reminders.  And without reminders it is hard to keep track of Tasks at hand, making it sometimes hard to use.  This new Zimlet fills that gap by providing a reminder digest once a day. Zimlet 4: Tasks Reminders How the Zimlet works:… Read more »