Mike Morse

Adding Panels & Going Tabbed

By | May 1, 2009
With the first ZCS 6.0 Beta recently released, and our product tracking portal turning greener and greener, the "I'm so excited and can't wait!" comments in the forums become reminiscent of kids opening presents. There are always a slew of great features and improvements in the oven, so we’ve prepared a little sneak peak into what we’re cooking up for the advanced AJAX web-client in Zimbra 6.0. Lots of us have composed a new mail or appointment, only to need something else in another message; so the launch in a separate window icon has become prominent in everyday use. Others like the same browser instance, and choose not to select the 'always compose in a new window' option - as it can sometimes take a few seconds to load, and previously didn't contain all the same functionality.… Read more »

Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0 Beta (Codename: Guns N’ Roses)

By | April 17, 2009
Few things get our community excited like a major release version of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Today marks availability of the first GnR preview: ZCS 6.0 Beta 1 Open Source Edition. Admins and developers can find it over on the downloads page, for the less technically inclined we'll also have a new hosted demo up shortly. Some feature highlights: » A new horizontal 'three panel' view with the message on the right. » There are now tabs for individual messages as well as the compose page.… Read more »

Introducing ZCS for Windows Server

By | April 1, 2009
Update: Please note the original date- April Fools Day - --we're just kidding-- enjoy!   We do not have a Windows Version of Zimbra server.  If you want to run Zimbra Collaboration Suite server on Windows, we recommend using Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance! Here is a link to the Zimbra Appliance news release: Zimbra Appliance: Your Collaboration Cloud To Deploy Anywhere If you are an end user and want to have a cool email and collaboration client for your Windows Desktop, you can always download the Zimbra Desktop --- it works with any email account (and Twitter and Facebook)! Zimbra DESKTOP (more…… Read more »

Desktop Turns Two

By | March 3, 2009
We launched the first public version of Zimbra Desktop back in March of 2007, and it's only fitting we celebrate its birthday with another release. Someone will have to make more cupcakes. The early-adopters upgrade program we implemented in Release Candidate 1, as well as those who have joined the network edition support program, have provided great feedback; we assure you there will be no "terrible two's" for this offline client. Infact the toddler analogy isn't a very good comparison at all. We've been at this game for a while - tweaking Zimbra sync to include every feature of the online client, adding support for a slew of common hosting providers (that proves great when you don't have network access for whatever reason), and working directly with the Mozilla team to create some Prism enrichments that have changed the world's expectation of a standalone web-app. In short, Zimbra Desktop’s maturity is better measured in dog years; and that's just version 1.… Read more »

Spice it up: Show some skin

By | February 24, 2009
Themes that is. Some know that you can append ?skin=name to the end of your server's url to test a skin without changing your preference value, but here's another way to open a bunch at once - the Skin Previewer Zimlet. Select those you wish to try out, and new browser windows are opened for side by side comparison: (You can download com_zimbra_skinpreviewer over in the gallery for use against ZCS 5.0.11+ or ZD RC1.) So you've checked out available themes - now how to take advantage of them all?… Read more »

How to avoid: "Shoot, I Forgot A Birthday Gift!"

By | February 16, 2009
Sometimes there's so much going on that we can't take time to look forward on our calendars. Which always means scrambling at the last minute to get a present, send a card, or plan a party. A few social apps have saved me - barely. While there is an RFE you can vote for, Raja has once again come to the rescue with another Zimlet. Kick off a scan of your existing contacts via the panel: Choose exactly who to create reminders for, then select how many alerts you want and when to display them: Like the Email Reminder Zimlet, we make use of a separate calendar for the re-occurring events; again marked as private / not shown in your free-busy status:… Read more »