Kevin Henrikson

Zimbra Looking For Developer Community Manager

By | September 14, 2009
Been a while since we did a post for open positions but this is an important one so wanted to get it out there. Position Overview: Manage Zimbra’s rapidly growing technical community and launch our developer outreach program.  A key part of Zimbra's rapid growth and ongoing success is the ability for us to engage and interact with our open source community.  This position will take the solid base we've grown over the past 5 yrs and define and implement a Zimbra developer program to lower the bar for external developers, partners and customers to build solutions around the Zimbra platform.  This will include expanding and leveraging the relationships between Zimbra, our customers, our developers and our sysadmin community members.  A few of the existing public tools and touch points are listed below. This position will build upon and improve the current tools and evaluate and add to these as needed.… Read more »

And The Winner of the Browser Wars is….

By | June 17, 2008
With Zimbra 5.0 we've introduced some newer ways to make the user experience faster with the Zimbra Web Client. We’ve talked about Jetty, YUI compression, and Lazy Loading, but now there’s just one burning question: Which browser is fastest? There's some amazing JavaScript handling enhancements about to be pushed into the major browsers. In-case you missed previous rounds of the browser wars we'll tell you the answer, but you should still checkout Firefox 2 vs FF3RC1, Internet Explorer 7 vs IE8b, and Safari 3.1.1 vs SF nightlies to get more insight into how each fared on the testbed.… Read more »

Feedburner changes – Duplicate posts

By | July 5, 2007
Sorry if you got some duplicate posts today. We made some changes to our Feedburner feed to make it work with a wider range of RSS clients. If you see any problems let us know.… Read more »

Zimbra Webinar: Archiving & Discovery Overview

By | June 15, 2007
Join us for a live Archiving & Discovery Overview Wed June 20th 2007 at 10am PST In this webinar you will learn how to significantly reduce time and effort spent managing archiving requirements by using the ZCS solution. ZCS has many advantages such as no complex integration required, is easy to use, has powerful web-based discovery features, and has much more cost effective server and storage options. More on Zimbra's Archiving and Discovery.… Read more »

New status and user action feedback

By | May 4, 2007
Current versions of Zimbra show informational messages, status, and feedback in a small status window in the lower left. Several of us and some users have mentioned it's too subtle and never catches your eye. For 5.0 we'll be moving the status to a quick overlay status message. (more…)… Read more »

Zimbra Conference Appearances Next Week

By | May 1, 2007
Zimbra gets invited to many events and conferences each year. Starting with our first public appearances at Linux World and Web 2.0 in late 2005. We now attend or speak at several conferences and events each month. Next week is quite busy. So much so that many cubes in Zimbra will be empty next week as folks head out to meet with our current and prospective customers. (more…)… Read more »