Josh Johnson
Staff Engineer - User Experience, Zimbra
Josh leads the user experience design effort for VMware Zimbra.. He works with the product management and engineering teams to translate market requirements into working and usable features for Zimbra's end users. Previously, Josh managed the user experience and interaction design team for the Business Server Automation group at Hewlett-Packard which included server, network, storage and orchestration automation products in Hewlett-Packard's enterprise software division. Prior to Hewlett-Packard, Josh was responsible for the user experience and interaction design for enterprise products at Opsware, Sun Microsystems and Terraspring. Josh has a Bachelor of Arts degree in design from San Jose State University with concentrations in industrial design and human factors.
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Making Sense of Email Overload with Zimbra 8

By | September 20, 2012
Almost everyone gets too much email.  Important messages can get lost in the clutter of a busy inbox. As part of the focus on the user interface that I wrote about in a previous post (Zimbra 8 User Interface: The Changes That You Don't See), Zimbra 8 includes two enhancements to help you handle large volumes of email: improved conversation views and activity streams. Following the conversation Conversations are a great way to group and manage related emails. The Zimbra 8 web interface has significant improvements to how it handles email conversations. To try the conversation view, choose By Conversation from the View menu.… Read more »

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Zimbra 8 User Interface: The Changes That You Don’t See

By | September 17, 2012
Zimbra users will notice major changes to the user interface in Zimbra 8. What you cannot see is the 'behind the scenes' work that went into those changes.  Zimbra 8 reflects process and methodology changes that will improve the user experience not only in Zimbra 8 but all releases moving forward.   Usability doesn't just happen Until now, the Zimbra user interface has been an organic byproduct of how features were added.  And as each new version added more great features, the user interface started to become cluttered. Simplicity is hard to add incrementally. But starting with Zimbra 8, a dedicated user experience team has focused on the user experience.… Read more »