John Robb
GM, Zimbra R&D dir
John leads the engineering and product teams for VMware Zimbra. As part of this team, John manages the product roadmap, product priorities, engineering investments and quality assurance initiatives. Previously, John managed business and product strategy for the mobile messaging group at Openwave Systems, which included the multimedia messaging, voice mail and instant messaging product lines. Prior to Openwave, John was responsible for leading the teams that defined product strategy and go to market planning at Mspect (acquired by Telephia) and Cellmania (acquired by RIM). John has a Master of Business Administration degree from Chicago GSB, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in political science and a Bachelor of Science in environmental engineering from Northwestern University.

Telligent Acquires Zimbra from VMware

By | July 15, 2013
I’m pleased to say that Telligent, a market leader in enterprise social software, today announced that it has acquired from VMware the global assets of Zimbra. Telligent and Zimbra will merge under the Zimbra brand to form an enterprise software company offering a unified social collaboration suite built for the post-PC era. Why the combination? Zimbra and Telligent solutions are both designed for collaboration and have complementary capabilities. Telligent offers enterprise social collaboration including real-time communication, social networking, instant messaging and online communities. Paired with Zimbra for enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration, the combined offering will cover the entire collaboration spectrum. Under the Zimbra brand, Zimbra software will continue to be made available on premise and in the cloud through the company and its partners. The combined company will also maintain its worldwide presence, with offices in Dallas, Palo Alto, Tokyo, London and Pune, India.… Read more »

QE Pic #1 copy

Behind the Scenes with Zimbra Quality Engineering

By | December 3, 2012
Zimbra 8 is the first major Zimbra release that embodies new practices around quality engineering. We thought we'd shine a light on these changes. While quality has always been important to the development process, quality processes are now more formalized than in the past.  Starting with the Zimbra 8 release, our major release processes include: Complete localization and security testing as soon as feature development is completed Two development milestones focusing on quality for engineering and quality teams A quality focus in feature specifications Expanded test coverage The QE team runs both automated and manual tests against the code. We've been steadily increasing the test coverage over recent releases: For Zimbra 8, we ran 21% more tests than with Zimbra 7. We've increased the number of daily tests for the web client by 207%.… Read more »


Announcing The General Availability of Zimbra 8

By | September 13, 2012
It’s my pleasure to announce that today Zimbra 8 is now available to the public! With the release of Zimbra 8, VMware takes another step forward in providing users and IT organizations with a new way to collaborate in a post-PC world. Based on feedback from our customers, the goals of Zimbra 8 were to invest in unified communications, to deliver on the simplicity of the private and public cloud and to continue to make the user experience easier to access while on the go.  Zimbra 8 was a community effort and the VMware team thanks all of our customers and partners for their input and help over the last 2 years of planning and execution. New to Zimbra 8.0, VMware has partnered with Cisco and Mitel to offer unified communications capabilities embedded within Zimbra. These deep integration capabilities allow users to connect their voice and message systems in a unified inbox, enabling Click2Call, voicemail, presence, and chat all from within the Zimbra Web app. Zimbra 8.… Read more »

Zimbra Appliance: Your Collaboration Cloud To Deploy Anywhere

By | August 10, 2010
2010 has been a busy year for the Zimbra team since we joined VMware in February.  And today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Zimbra Appliance. The Zimbra Appliance is our first major step post acquisition to integrate Zimbra and VMware products and provide a simplified IT experience for administrators and their users.  We have spent the last 5 months speaking with VMware and Zimbra customers and re-affirming their need for a simplified collaboration software stack that embraces the IT Platform of the future. The call for simplicity reflects changes in the overall IT landscape driven by the evolution of user, administrator and datacenter requirements - many of these inspired by events in the consumer market.   Whether it is the simplicity of the Amazon Kindle, the open platform of Facebook or the cross platform support of Twitter, users and administrators expect applications to be easier to use and deliver than ever before. Here is a summary of market drivers influencing the launch of Zimbra Appliance: User:… Read more »

An Open Way to Organize Your Travel Plans Using Zimbra Email and Calendar with TripIt

By | June 2, 2009
At Zimbra we’re always trying to provide our community with the most efficient tools for organizing email, address books, calendars and web documents, so it’s only natural that we look to work with other with companies who are as enthusiastic about streamlined processes as we are, and share the same commitment to open standards. One of the latest things you can now do with Zimbra is integrate with TripIt – an innovative service that organizes and shares your travel itinerary. With TripIt, users simply email their booked travel plans to TripIt, and the service will create a master travel itinerary plan. Users may then access or share this itinerary online, via their mobile device, or from their personal calendar. This is where we step in. Because Zimbra is an open platform, users of TripIt can instantly access flight times, hotel arrivals, and much more from the convenience of their own Zimbra calendar automatically.  The integration is especially useful in business settings, as Zimbra’s shareable schedule options and synched group calendars allow employees to view their own work-related travel itinerary alongside their co-workers’ in a shared Zimbra calendar. This way, all are kept in the loop regarding everyone’s travel whereabouts at work.… Read more »

Zimbra Turns 40… (Million, That Is)

By | March 6, 2009
At Zimbra we have been very focused on measuring everything about our products’ adoption, usage and website in order to make improvements for our community and customers. We freely admit to having a burgeoning stats addiction, and though not everyone whoops it up when we barrel through the cubes shouting about the latest Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop download numbers, we think most folks will appreciate this one: Zimbra paid mailboxes - 41 million and counting. Crossing the 40 million mark is a big milestone and the credit lies with the growing Zimbra Community (more than 20,000 members strong) and our customers who have helped spread the word.  And our 40M paid mailboxes doesn’t even include Zimbra’s millions of open source users. We are seeing growth in all of our products: Zimbra Collaboration Suite, Zimbra Hosted and Yahoo!… Read more »