John Holder

Bring Open Source to your Phone with ZimbraME

By | April 3, 2008
As anyone who uses Zimbra knows, we like to make cool stuff. A while back, we decided to make a rich mobile client for Zimbra Collaboration Suite which a regular phone could use to access Zimbra. We decided to base it on J2ME, a ubiquitous Java Runtime environment on many mobile devices, that allows it to run Java-based applications. The result is called ZimbraME-- and now it's ready for a wider audience. (more…)… Read more »

Want a Free MacBook Air?

By | March 28, 2008
Yeah, so do I. But I'm not eligible, and you are! We're giving away this MacBook Air to promote Zimbra Desktop, a revolutionary new e-mail client built on the Zimbra Web Client. Here's how you can get it. Since I first started using Zimbra Desktop last year, it has grown on me. I just can't live without it. With each release, we add the most requested features that our users want. Whether using GMail, Yahoo!… Read more »

March Madness

By | March 20, 2008
At Zimbra, we have many great customers in a wide range of industries, from financial services (H&R Block), to healthcare (Huntsville Hospital), to manufacturing (Middleville Tool and Die). Recently we have begun picking up steam in the education market, and we have been lucky to have over 300 educational institutions around the globe as customers. (more…)… Read more »

CalDav & Leopard Goodness

By | March 17, 2008
For those of us who live and breath by our calendar, making sure that you always have access to it, is a must. Enter the CalDAV Protocol: A standardized way for different clients to access one calendar. Leopard's (OS 10.5) iCal application has built in CalDav support, and it works great with Zimbra 5.0. Here's a quick overview. (more…… Read more »

Vote: Webware 100 Awards

By | March 12, 2008
Times have been busy for us here @ Zimbra. We have been working to get some cool stuff into 5.0.3, and some other cool stuff that we'll blog about later. In the mean time, Zimbra's been nominated for the a Webware top 100 award. Who do you think should win? If you're a Zimbra fan, show us you love us. Click to vote.… Read more »

The Coolest Thing Ever is Released!

By | February 13, 2008
The coolest thing ever is highlighted in this blog post with a cool video. It took us a little longer than expected to get the extension out, but it's ready. You need to make sure that you have the zimlet installed on the server. This is a Firefox 2.0+ (including Beta 3) extension that allows ZCS 5.0+ users to simply drag attachments into their briefcase and mail compose window. Special thanks to Suman Raj who spent countless hours getting writing this and keeping Zimbra awesome!… Read more »