John Holder


By | January 6, 2009
Every year, the Macworld Expo brings together a loyal and diverse base of Mac users which also happens to make up a core set of Zimbra’s customers. Once again this year you’ll find us at the show. We’re setting up house with (one of our many partners) at booth 4328 – we hope you can stop by and find out how Zimbra works seamlessly with Apple products at home or on the go. And if you can’t make it, take a look at our 2008 recap of Mac-related news, or visit for more information.… Read more »

Lets Talk Speed, Chrome, and WebKit

By | September 3, 2008
Hey, did you hear that Google released a browser? Yeah, and it's very cool! We might have been a bit early to call Safari the Browser war winner. Based on WebKit (KHTML), this rendering framework (that Chrome uses) has really stormed the market. If you asked us five months ago who was winning the browser war, we would easily say Firefox, with Safari as a close second. With the introduction of Chrome, a new war has started. At the start of this century, the war was about "Open-ness" and who could be more open and win the hearts of users. Now it's a war of speed, and who's faster.… Read more »

The Most Important Post Ever

By | July 30, 2008
This may be the most important post you will ever read. If you're a Zimbra Administrator, please read, and pass this onto your colleagues who use Zimbra. If you're a CTO or CEO, take time to ask your Zimbra Admin about the subject of this post. This blog post is about backups.Whether your an Open Source User, Zimbra Desktop User, or Network Edition Customer, you can do backups of your data. There is nothing worse than getting a call from a customer, or a Private Message from a Forum User that says, "I need help. My HD has crashed, and all my backups were on that drive."Let me Digress for a moment, and share with you my personal experience with backups.… Read more »

Zimbra Admin Class of June 2008

By | June 20, 2008
This week, Zimbra held a Zimbra Administration Course at the Yahoo! headquarters in Santa Clara. For those who don't know, the administration course covers just about everything in Zimbra from A to Z. I had the opportunity to lead the first two days of the basic/general sessions of the training course. Attendee's learned everything from Installation and upgrades to Java Garbage Collection and Disaster Recovery. We like to play a game during training called "stump the chump", where attendee's who stump me get t-shirts. Attendees also get to keep all the training materials, and exclusive access to a special training forum called "Camp Zimbra.The Third day is the advanced course, and it was led by Anup P.… Read more »

Zimbra in Education

By | April 14, 2008
One of the largest areas of growth for Zimbra has been the educational sector. Perhaps it's the simple calendar and mail sharingor maybe it's the built-in instant messaging. Since the beginning, Zimbra has been a perfect fit for thousands of Educational Institutions around the world. After receiving a suggestion from one of our large EDU customers, we decided to open up a "Zimbra in Education" forum. As I've mentioned in the past, I worked for six years as an IT Director for a school district in Arizona. I know the many challenges that our EDU IT administrators face. Things like Windows Group Permissions, and Internet Filters, and HIPPA and FERPA Compliance. Schools are like a revolving door.… Read more »

Announcing Zimbra Desktop Beta 2

By | April 11, 2008
The highly anticipated Beta 2 release of Zimbra Desktop is here. This feature packed release has a ton of features that our users have been asking for. Read on for more. (more…)… Read more »