Jing To
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

XMission Meets Market Demand and Generates More Revenue with Zimbra

By | March 5, 2013
Utah's first ISP, XMission has grown into a leading provider of hosted services to customers in Utah and around the globe. Today, XMission offers Unified Email & Collaboration, a secure, hosted communication service built on VMWare Zimbra Collaboration Suite, that provides email, remote storage, calendaring, collaboration, and task management, all in one economical solution. The Challenge As a hosting provider, XMission started out offering email-only solutions to customers. The company soon realized this was not sufficient. XMission's email customers were managing third-party applications for contacts, and maintaining separate calendaring applications, and they had to support each of these applications themselves. XMission saw those customers really needed a whole communications suite, rather than having to maintain multiple, siloed tools. “We try to be proactive on the services that we offer, and we realized email alone is simply not enough,” explains John Webster, XMission VP of Business Development and Zimbra Product Manager.… Read more »

Zimbra Service Provider Summit

Zimbra’s Service Provider Ecosystem Continues to Grow

By | February 28, 2013
On Friday, February 22nd VMware hosted the 3rd Annual VMware Zimbra Service Provider Summit in San Francisco, CA. This event brought together our largest Zimbra Service Provider customers from around the world, with the goals of sharing our future vision of the Zimbra platform, fostering discussions on the opportunities and challenges facing carriers today and sharing with one another the best practices and learnings from real world deployments. This year's summit was our largest one ever and included 61 attendees from 14 different carriers and partners from around the Globe.  Our partners heard from the Zimbra leadership on their plans around evolving Zimbra to support their "always on" environments in a non-disruptive manner, as well as providing an optimized messaging experience for mobile devices, tablets, PCs and the Web. Zimbra's culture is rooted in openness and transparency - from our Open Source Edition of Zimbra, to our public forums with over 50,000 Members and finally to our strong Developer Community that has contributed hundreds of extensions to our Zimlet gallery. We believe this transparency and openness benefits each of our carrier partners and their email and collaboration offerings. Their real-world learnings greatly contribute to the quality of our product and our continued partnership will continue to make the Zimbra product better.  Whether you are a mobile carrier in Japan or the biggest cable operator in the US, operating a messaging platform used by millions of subscribers in a 24x7 environment while continuing to innovate and delight subscribers with the best in class messaging experience is critical to success.… Read more »

A Conversation with Vidyo and Zimbra: A Match Made in Virtual Heaven

By | February 25, 2013
Vidyo:  We’re really excited to be working with Zimbra on extending their platform for email and calendaring with HD video communication. Zimbra’s platform demonstrates just how powerful and scalable virtual applications can be, and Vidyo is a natural fit.  Zimbra runs in a virtualized VMware environment and Vidyo can sit right alongside of Zimbra in the same virtual space.  This makes the deployment of an email and calendaring infrastructure that has video escalation built in a breeze.  It greatly reduces the overall effort and cost required for these services.  Anyone who has had to pay for traditional email systems like Exchange, and understands the costs of legacy video conferencing will immediately recognize the tremendous cost savings. Zimbra:… Read more »

Zimbra Brings Stability, Scalability & Collaboration to AINEO Networks

By | February 19, 2013
Founded in 1997 AINEO Networks was built to provide turnkey IT solutions to meet the needs of companies of all sizes around the world. Today AINEO’s products include three distinct offerings, hosted email, IT support and hosted phone systems. The cornerstone of their business is hosted email, which they first offered in 2008 with a hosted Exchange solution that raised awareness of the benefits of cloud email. The interest in cloud email was high, but with Exchange they quickly ran into stability, scalability and cost issues that threatened their growing business. Because they provided hosted Exchange to their customers and used it internally, AINEO’s team quickly became familiar with the limitations of Exchange from a technical and usability standpoint and it was clear this approach was holding them back. As a partner selling and servicing both Zimbra and Microsoft Exchange, AINEO was at a difficult crossroads between which platform would support their aggressive growth plans for hosted email. They had to decide whether or not to push through the expensive pains of Microsoft Exchange, or decide to go with another solution such as Zimbra. Through thorough analysis they finally reached an internal agreement that it was time to put Microsoft Exchange behind them - both internally and for their customers - and find a solution that was built for the post-PC era.… Read more »


CyberWeek Savings on Zimbra 8 – Save Now, Save Later

By | November 28, 2012
Ah, CyberWeek – the week after Thanksgiving, when office workers everywhere hide online shopping sites behind spreadsheets when someone walks by their desk. Good news: this year you can put those online shopping skills to work for your business.  VMware is offering a CyberWeek promotion on Zimbra 8 – the latest version of the Zimbra Collaboration Server. It’s the real deal On Wednesday, November 28th to Friday, November 30th you can save 30% on up to 500 mailboxes of VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server Standard Edition.  This is the full, enterprise-grade email and collaboration server. The promotion applies to the latest version, Zimbra 8. It’s got everything you need, including:… Read more »

Announcing the Release of VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.2

By | May 3, 2012
Zimbra 7.2 has arrived, with significant capabilities and enhancements to make collaboration easier and more secure for both users and administrators. To begin with, your emails are protected with S/MIME encryption and signing, both of which are now native to the Zimbra Web Client and work with Outlook using the Zimbra Connector for Outlook. Which is to say, messages can be read only by the intended recipient, with the sender’s identity assured. Previously, just the communication itself could be secured via SSL. With S/MIME, the data inside is encrypted as well, adding a second layer of protection. Government users of Zimbra will be happy to learn that 7.2 also implements two-way SSL authentication with Smartcards and Common Access Cards (CAC) issued by the Department of Defense.… Read more »