Zimbra Community Manager
Social web slinger Jenn Emerson serves as your friendly neighborhood community manager at Growing and learning in the socio-sphere like everyone else, Jenn loves to listen and share ideas around social community. As a practitioner of the ancient art of talking to people, Jenn tends to look at social media and community management through a sociological lens. Most of her contributing blog posts center around social connections, customer experience and community strategy. And, unlike other hipsters of her generation, she hates bacon. She also has a sense of humor. Follow her on Twitter @jenntelligent.

Zimbra Forums Migrating to New Home

By | September 12, 2014
As many of our forums users are aware, our Zimbra vBulletin forum ( was closed down recently. We greatly apologize to our members for this downtime. We know that, especially for our open source development community, these forums are a valuable resource for advice and information. To resolve the issue as quickly as we can, we are moving the forums from Vbulletin to the main Zimbra community at The process will take us about a week.… Read more »

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Our Community Has Upgraded to Zimbra Community 8.0

By | July 18, 2014
We have a new address! This week we moved our community space to our new url and upgraded to the latest community product, Zimbra Community 8.0. The upgrade not only gives our community a new, refreshed look, but adds a number of new features. In coming weeks, I will be posting about other features in our upgraded space, including our social everywhere experience. We’re always working to improve your ability to communicate and connect in our community.… Read more »

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Celebrate! It’s Community Manager Appreciation Day!

By | January 27, 2014
Today we are celebrating the fifth annual Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD) – a day steeped in social business history. (Sound the gong!) Straight out of the mouths of Wikipedians: Community Manager Appreciation Day takes place every 4th Monday of January as a way to recognize and celebrate the efforts of community managers around the world using social media and other tools to improve customer experiences. Back in good old 2010, the thoughtful and astute Jeremiah Owyang, of social business industry analyst fame, founded the special day of note. If you are not in community management or around it, you might think it is just one of the many “International [insert topic] Day” days. It’s not. CMAD was created to not only bring attention to the role of community managers, but also to help new community managers spread their wings, meet community management peers and learn more about the practice of community management.… Read more »


Hello Zimbra Social Media Channels; Farewell Telligent

By | November 12, 2013
Since the acquisition of Zimbra by Telligent, the team has been furiously working away at merging our two organizations. Part of that merge includes our social media presence.  Many of you have probably noticed over the last several weeks that we have been directing everyone to our new Zimbra channels. We have phased out and shuttered our old Telligent channels, including our Telligent Facebook page, Telligent LinkedIn company page, the Telligent Google Plus page and the Telligent Twitter handle. It’s a little sad to see our old channels go. We had some good times sharing and chatting with you out there. However, though we said goodbye to Telligent social channels yesterday, today we are saying hello to Zimbra’s social channels. Please allow me to welcome you to our new Zimbra channels.… Read more »