Greg Armanini

Zimbra Community Meet-up in Paris

By | November 23, 2009
Tomorrow in Paris, France there is an all day meet-up for Zimbra community members, partners and customers.  The agenda includes Zimbra roadmap beyond ZCS 6 and will have some basics on Zimlet development with drinks to follow.  It looks like a great opportunity to learn a lot and network with others in the community.  There will be both English and French speakers there, be sure to check it out! From our French friends: ===== Le "Zimbra Forum France", première réunion de la communauté Zimbra en France, est un lieu d'échange où partager idées, astuces et expérience de Zimbra. C'est l'occasion de découvrir les clés du succès de la solution de messagerie collaborative open source Zimbra auprès des entreprises publiques et privées. Programme de l'événement L'équipe Zimbra viendra présenter les nouveautés de la dernière version et donner un aperçu en avant première de la roadmap des versions futures.… Read more »

Zimbra Grows in EDU, Heads to EDUCAUSE 2009

By | November 4, 2009
It’s that time of year again and we are making our way to Denver for the annual EDUCAUSE conference. We’ve got lots to talk about this year - not only did we cross a huge milestone, reaching 50 million paid mailboxes in less than four years, but we’ve continued to expand our reach in the Edu community (which alone is comprised of millions of paid mailboxes).  New Edu customers this year alone include Eastern Michigan University, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Marietta College, Saint Joseph’s University, Swarthmore College, Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Findlay, and Wayne State University. All of our Edu customers benefit from Zimbra’s rich calendaring and collaboration features, and many are contributing their own custom mash-ups to make Zimbra’s online tools work for best for them. Institutions like University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Simon Fraser University are creating special Zimlets to better serve their students and faculty. You can read more about their specific case studies in our back to school blog series. Other recent mash-ups include DimDim’s application tab (pictured below), which allow users to access DimDim’s web conferencing services from within Zimbra. Additionally, a new social media Zimlet enables users to read and post tweets to Twitter, or make updates to Facebook and Digg from directly within the ZCS, without having to take the time to visit other websites.… Read more »

Announcing Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0: 50+ Million Users Have Spoken

By | September 30, 2009
With thousands of votes from the Zimbra community submitted to our product management database, and tens of thousands of hours logged by our engineering team, we are excited to officially announce Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0.   ZCS 6.0 is chock full of everything you asked for - because we made sure to check off the hit list of top requests. Some of the highlights include improved delegation and share management, increased productivity with three-pane email view, read receipts, remote wipe for mobile devices, and more. Our goal was also to make ZCS 6.0 the most flexible product yet, so we’ve also made it easier than ever to integrate 3rd party software.… Read more »

Inbox Innovation: Zimbra Adds New Gadgets and Gallery

By | June 5, 2009
Zimbra’s open source roots have always been of great importance to both the company and the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS).  When we set out to build a new collaboration system over five years ago, we wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the market, and a big part of that was our commitment to being open source.  We understood sharing ideas within the open source community keeps you a one step ahead of competitors by iterating faster to give users what they want.  A great example demonstrating how the community has flourished is the Zimlet development program. Zimlets are simple but powerful extensions of ZCS that connect users’ email, calendar, and contacts with any number of outside services (for a couple of recent examples see Alfresco and Peru and TripIt).  Zimlet development growth in the community has been strong and steady, and we are excited to continue supporting the community’s work by providing a place where developers can feature the best of their integrations to share with other Zimbra users.   So, today we are launching an updated Zimlet Gallery where you can pick and choose from many handy new ZCS extensions. At the same time, we also love seeing our Yahoo!… Read more »

Zimbra and Alfresco Go to Peru

By | May 13, 2009
One of the great things about being an open source company is that we have a passionate community that goes beyond the boundaries of any one location (Zimbra HQ, for example), with community members that participate and contribute from all over the globe.  We saw this early on with the help the community gave us for international translations,  and several of our early partners hailed from as far as South Africa, Brazil and Germany. So in December when the Ministerio de Vivienda - the  Ministry of Housing in Lima, Peru - began looking for new options to replace their expensive proprietary software with lower-cost, open source alternatives, it came as no surprise that the open source community eventually led them to Software Libre Andino, a Zimbra / Red Hat distributor in Peru who helped replace their outdated systems with modern ones, including Zimbra for collaboration and Alfresco for document management. The Ministerio de Vivienda, which is responsible for all the housing, construction and sewer systems in Peru, has a mission to improve access to adequate housing and basic services to all the citizens of Peru. Saving the government money is definitely one reason for the switch to Zimbra, but another important factor in their decision to deploy open source solutions is they found that open platforms allow their users to easily integrate and build new solutions on top of this foundation. In this case they were able to deploy the Alfresco Zimlet created by Zimbra community members and allow a simple way for employees to store documents that are attached in email on the Alfresco server, and in turn select documents from the Alfresco server and attach them to a Zimbra email. Simple, inuitive integrations like these make it easy for government agencies or companies to invest in multiple open source products to meet their needs, instead of choosing proprietary options. We love to hear stories of how Zimbra and open source technologies travel the globe – if you have any stories you want to share, drop us a line.… Read more »

Zimbra Selected Red Hat EMEA ISV Partner of the Year

By | May 5, 2009
Some may have heard recently we are putting more emphasis on developing our Zimbra partner channels.  We are fortunate to already have more than 700 partners, including Hosting Service Providers, VARs and SIs who are doing great work; we plan on growing our program globally with more partners and new tools for them (stay tuned, more to come here). We have kicked off the extended program internally and it's already beginning to bear fruit.  The Zimbra EMEA team recently attended Red Hat's EMEA Partner Summit in Malta and was among the honorees for Partner of the Year.  Red Hat and Zimbra have been working more closely together over the last several months; it's a great value proposition for customers who prefer working closely with one vendor for an integrated application-OS solution.  We've had several recent wins together including one of the largest government organizations in the Middle East and in Latin America.… Read more »