Dan Wire
Dan Wire
Communications Manager

Reduce Your Email TCO

By | September 4, 2012
Last Wednesday we held an analyst webinar on how to find the right email system for your organization. During the webinar, Michael Osterman of Osterman Research performed an in-depth analysis on Zimbra and other email providers such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Novell. During the hour-long session, Osterman walked through the key considerations to think about when selecting an email provider, such as TCO, deployment, user experience, and IT management. Although there were many great points brought up during the webinar, one in particular stuck with me throughout the Labor day weekend, how the wrong email system can dramatically increase the total cost of ownership. The Osterman team’s research showed how for a 500-user organization there is a 163 percent difference in TCO between the least and the most expensive email platforms. To dive further, this difference is increased to 325 percent when looking at a 20,000-user organization. This huge cost savings can be realized just by selecting the right email provider. And with Zimbra having one of the lowest TCO’s for organizations of all sizes - including cloud services - a switch to Zimbra could save you 3X while delivering all the benefits of a next generation email system.… Read more »

August Webinar: Zimbra vs. The World

By | August 20, 2012
Join us August 29th for a webinar with Michael Osterman from the Osterman Group to talk about the email landscape and how to find the right email solution to improve collaboration, enable mobile workers and lower TCO. This webinar will cover an overview of Zimbra’s core features and functionality and a side-by-side comparison of Zimbra’s features vs. other enterprise email systems, including Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, IBM Lotus Domino and Novell Groupwise. We'll have two live webinars featuring the Osterman Group and product experts from Zimbra to answer all your questions: 10:00 AM ET / 7:00 AM PT 1:00 PM ET / 10:… Read more »

It’s VMworld 2012 Time.

By | August 17, 2012
Join Zimbra this year at VMworld 2012, one of the top IT and tech conferences in world. Some of the world’s best and brightest cloud experts are coming together to bring you 100s of world-class breakout sessions. They will walk you through not only how to turn THE cloud into YOUR cloud, but also how you can implement Zimbra as a private cloud solutions. But if you want more on Zimbra feel free to meet up with us at our booth, or join the conversation on VMworld’s very own community built on Socialcast. VMworld 2012 will surely be 4 days that you won’t soon forget, and we’re looking forward to meeting all of you in person! Here’s a little teaser from VMworld 2011 for everyone that wasn’t fortunate enough to attend. http://www.… Read more »


VMware’s Path To Cloud Messaging & Collaboration – Introducing Zimbra 8

By | July 11, 2012
Today we’re announcing Zimbra 8.0, the newest version of the messaging and collaboration suite built for the Post-PC era. Zimbra 8.0 includes simplified communications  - via our partnerships with Cisco and Mitel - improved cloud manageability and an easier to use personal cloud of email, address book and calendar.  Zimbra 8.0 follows the release of Zimbra 7.2 last quarter and expands our commitment to the collaboration market. The Beta version of Zimbra 8.… Read more »


mxHero: Showcasing the Benefits of an Open Platform & Bringing Custom Innovation to Email

By | June 12, 2012
A big advantage of Zimbra is its extensibility and interoperability. By providing an email solution that is both robust and extensible, Zimbra is open to the community to build enhancements to its core functionality and bring new, custom features to Zimbra users. One of the best examples of a value added solution comes from mxHero Inc, which has tightly integrated their open-source email enhancement platform with Zimbra, bringing innovative functionality through a continuously growing catalogue of plugins. Among the 23 plugins currently available: Hero Attach: Send emails of any size to anyone. For example, send a 200Mb photo album. Auto Signature:… Read more »

Zimbra joins VMware Forum 2012

By | April 9, 2012
Zimbra will be participating at VMware Forum 2012 – a series of nine events kicking off April 12th in Garden Grove, CA and moving across the country before winding up in Orlando this November. Each forum is a free, interactive, full-day event to learn about transforming IT and helping your business respond more effectively to markets, competitors and customers. Come talk to a Zimbra expert and learn how the leader in open source email and collaboration can simplify your email deployment with: •    Reliability: Migration tools, clustering, full backup and restore, extensive command line interface (CLI) and AJAX Admin Console give more security and span-of-control. •    Cost effective options: Web scalability, hierarchical storage management, and single attachment store make for economical deployment. •    Openness and extensibility:… Read more »