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Weemo Video Chat Zimlet: Real-Time Video from your Zimbra Email and Calendar

By | October 11, 2013
At Zimbra, we love to highlight how our partners are building enhancements and supplying Zimbra users with new, custom features. Below is a guest post by Weemo, a provider of secure and managed video collaboration services in the cloud, highlighting their Video Chat Zimlet. Have you ever received an urgent email message which was not clear and required immediate clarification? Have you witnessed a group email discussion turn into an asynchronous brainstorming exercise? Have you received a document for review that needed additional comments from the author? These situations happen every day in our email boxes. Usually, you would respond to these by sending more emails. To save time and gain efficiency, in Zimbra you can now use the Weemo Video Chat Zimlet.… Read more »

Join Us for the Zimbra User Group Conference

By | August 23, 2013
I am pleased to announce that Zimbra is hosting a combined user group conference with Telligent, September 23-25 at the W Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Named The Big Social, the event is celebrating its third year with Telligent and its first for Zimbra. The Big Social provides a venue for customers and partners to learn, share best practices, and network among peers. The Big Social 2013 features four training workshops, four different learning tracks, and keynote presentations from industry leaders. Moreover, it provides customers and partners with an early view into upcoming product enhancements and the opportunity to contribute your ideas for our product roadmap. The event also includes a partner pavilion where our technology partners showcase their work with our product, demo stations where our engineers demonstrate the latest product releases, as well as a social media lounge where you have the opportunity to relax, network, and earn cool prizes for interacting in our online communities. What makes The Big Social unique is that it is designed for our users, by our users. For example, the event features workshops and learning tracks that have been created by Zimbra and Telligent customers and partners from more than 20 different companies.… Read more »

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How ProcessMaker Uses the Zimbra API to Add Enterprise Class Workflow Functionality to Zimbra

By | August 9, 2013
Zimbra’s extensibility opens up opportunities for the community to build enhancements to its core functionality and bring new, custom features to Zimbra users. One of our latest examples comes to us from ProcessMaker. Take a look at how it uses the Zimbra API to add enterprise workflow to Zimbra. ProcessMaker is a leading open source workflow and business process management software suite that allows users to design and automate form based approval driven business processes across the organization. The ProcessMaker Zimlet allows enterprises to solve their main communications needs in a single interface: email, calendaring, tasking, document manage and now…workflow. How We Created our Zimlet Our first step in creating the integration was to determine which of ProcessMaker’s three integration methods was most suitable for this type of extension. These include:… Read more »

Zimbra Partner Program Heads to Next Level

By | August 28, 2009
During the past 5 years, Zimbra has evolved from a software company selling nearly 100% direct to customers to a model today where well over half of our sales are generated through Zimbra partners. The channel-focused evolution has been intentional; early on we realized working via Zimbra resellers, hosting partners and systems integrators is the best way Zimbra can satisfy our rapidly growing customer base's wide-ranging requirements while continuing to grow efficiently.  With this model we've been able to increase the number of paid Zimbra customers to over 60,000 organizations, accounting for over 41 million paid mailboxes - the second largest number of paid mailboxes for any email/collaboration product in the U.S. We certainly couldn't help deploy or support this number of customers without the involvement of so many valuable Zimbra partners! Our sales team certainly appreciates the leverage they gain by working hand-in-hand with channel partners.  Given that, we believe finding new ways to work even more closely together will enhance our mutual success and take us to the next level.… Read more »